You rarely feel like you’re good enough.

Feelings of inadequacy always come up, even though you try so hard to be perfect.

You’re often irritable or moody.

woman with red hair suffers from negative self-talk. She gets self-esteem therapy in Bloomington, IL at Bridge to Hope Counseling 61704You try to put on a brave face when you leave the house every day. Then, a little voice pops into your head telling you that you’re “not good enough.” Then, you get upset and your whole day is ruined. You can’t stop these negative thoughts, even when you try your hardest. To the outside world, it may even look like you have it all. But, you have been struggling with shame, vulnerability, perfectionism, anxiety, and the feeling of “not enough” your entire life.

You may have experienced trouble trusting your instincts. You’re very concerned with what others think. In fact, you want to be accepted so badly that it causes you to act like a different person. Often, you find yourself looking at social media and comparing yourself to others. The people you follow seem to have it all figured out, so you put them on a pedestal and try to act like them. Unfortunately, this just makes you sad or upset. You put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect, and when you’re not, it feels like your whole life will fall apart. 

You’ve tried everything you can think of to silence your inner-critic like reading books, blogs, yoga, journaling, and even therapy. But none of it has worked. At least, not for long. You’re ready for a change. I can help you.

Negative Self-Talk Causes Self-Esteem Issues:

Self-talk is an internal dialogue a person has about their abilities, happiness, and image. It can be so subtle and fleeting you hardly notice it. But when certain thoughts repeat day after day, they can start to influence the choices you make in your job, relationships, and self-care.  If this talk is negative, it can have big consequences on their overall well-being.

Often, self-esteem issues are rooted in harmful self-talk. Negative thoughts often fall into one of the following categories:

  • transgender person gets self esteem therapy in bloomington, IL for negative self-talk and poor self-confidence at bridge to hope counseling Blame: Holding yourself accountable for things outside your control. 
  • Catastrophizing: Imaging all the bad things which could happen in the future. 
  • Denial: Refusing to believe successes or compliments are earned. 
  • Overgeneralizing: Interpreting an event as having excessively large consequences. 
  • Polarization: Thinking about things as all good or all bad. 
  • Projecting: Assuming neutral interactions are signs of disapproval or dislike. 
  • Rehashing: thinking about things that have already happened, punishing yourself for past mistakes. 

In therapy, I can help you to recognize the patterns in your thoughts and behaviors that contribute to your low self-esteem.  Together, we can break talk about those self-destructive behaviors and help you retrain your brain to handle thoughts and situations that cause you to have low self-esteem. We will do this by learning to be more aware, and more thoughtful of how you react to negativity. When you reach your goal, you will find yourself pushing back against those negative thoughts and finding you loving yourself more!

Begin Self-Esteem Therapy in Bloomington, IL today!

happy man with dreadlocks at a skatepark. He went to self-esteem therapy in bloomington, il at bridge to hope counseling 61704You don’t have to let your negative self-talk control your life. I can help you fight these thoughts and help you be more confident and live a happier life. To begin counseling, in Bloomington, IL, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to Bridge to Hope Counseling, LCC Online or by calling (309)455-5703
  2. Talk with me during your free consultation. At this time, you can ask your questions about counseling and my practice.
  3. Get control over your thoughts and behaviors so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Other Services Offered at Bridge to Hope Counseling

In addition to offering self-esteem therapy, I offer a variety of other counseling services in my Bloomington, IL mental health clinic. And, I offer all my counseling services using online therapy in Illinois. My therapy services include counseling for anxiety, depression therapy, counseling for life transitions, counseling for college students, LGBTQIA+ affirming counseling, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Please consider reading my blog for timely mental health articles and tips. Contact Bridge to Hope Counseling and find healing for a better tomorrow.

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